2. Get access to Compute1

Compute1 is the cluster we use for most of our computing work. Compute1 is located here at WashU, and is administered by Research Infrastructure Services (RIS).

If you need help getting set up on Compute1, or if you notice something on this page is out of date, please contact Liam Bindle.

2.1. Set up VPN access

To access Compute1 from off-campus, you will need to use a VPN. Instructions for accessing the WashU VPNs can be found here: https://it.wustl.edu/items/connect/. For help with the VPNs you should contact WashU IT.


WashU has several VPNs. Compute1 can be accessed from the following VPNs:

2.2. Request access

To get access to Compute1 you need to submit the following: Compute1 Access Request. To submit this form from off-campus, you might have to be on the VPN.

You can copy-paste these into the form:


Request for access to Compute1


Please add to the “storage-rvmartin” and “compute-rvmartin” groups.

Storage Allocation


WUSTL Key List

<Your WUSTL Key>


Randall Martin


This request may take RIS several days to process.

2.3. Log on to Compute1

Once your access request is approved, you should be able to ssh in to Compute1.


If you are on-campus you need to be on one of the following WiFi networks to access Compute1:

  • wustl-2.0

  • wustl-encrypted-2.0

If you are off-campus you need to be on one of the following VPNs to access Compute1:

Try to ssh into Compute1

$ ssh wustlkey@compute1-client-1.ris.wustl.edu

A successful log in will look similar to this

You are connecting to RIS Compute services.
Membership in a compute-* AD group is required.

Users are responsible for acting in accordance with
policies applicable to Washington University St. Louis.

Last login: Fri Sep 11 16:47:45 2020 from workstation.dhcp.wustl.edu
[wustlkey@compute1-client-1 ~]$

If you get an error, you will have to Open a Ticket with RIS. They will be able to fix whatever problem is preventing you from logging on.

Once you can log on, you are ready to use Compute1!